"I want viewers to use their imagination, not to define my art as any more than a visual experience of color and light in a place they would like to be in their mind and through their eyes"

This site is to display and share with you the work I have created, from years past until now.

​I am most appreciative of the Galleries that represent me, the interior designers that have commissioned me and especially to all of the clients that own and love my work.  Thank You

My ​works on canvas and exotic woods are combined using graphite, hemp, oils and acrylic to create texture and design.

I use several methods to apply my paints. Besides brushes and palette knives, I often throw and pour my paint onto the surface. Each painting I approach differently. My studio has a southern exposure of light. The view looks out large sliding glass doors to my botanical garden and lush green nature which is a big source of inspiration.